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The Best Teriyaki in Tacoma WA

Official Closing Announcement

"2/28/18- We are unfortunately closed due to extensive smoke damage from a fire that started outside
and spread to the building. Please visit us at our nearest locations in Fife "

Downtown Tacoma Location

Catering and Delivery service available! / Call (253) 272-1544 / 2223 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402

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Customer Testimonails

Fantastic food! Portions are large to boot. I got my food fairly quick when I stopped in.

Scott Bouck. From Google +
Customer Testimonails

Loved it! The food was excellent and service was outstanding. This place has a very nice view too.

Mi R. From Google +
Customer Testimonails

Best teriyaki around town! Reasonable price and tastes great. Only teriyaki I get since my first visit.

Vincent McBroom. From Google +
Customer Testimonails

Great service, comfortable setting, and the chef prepares each dish personally. One of the best places around.

Michael I. From Google +
Customer Testimonails

Great food and pleasant service. I was impressed.

Daniel Lyon. From Google +
Customer Testimonails

This place is recommended. Great services, great foods, and warm atmosphere. Definitely revisit the next time in town.

AMinh T. From Yelp
Customer Testimonails

a little expensive. but for me well worth it. way better quality than other teriyaki places.

Mike S. From Yelp
Customer Testimonails

I absolutely love this place. Been going here since I was a kid. The food is delicious as always and the staff is friendly.

Jessica H. From Yelp